This poem of mine is dedicated to my very close friend Nafisha, she is far more than these mere words. Her love for me is manifolds than mine love for hers. The intimacy we share, the bond we have, is something the world would take years to comprehend and still would know the least of it. For you my love;

She is beauty and styles with elegance,

carries a heart full of innocence!

got fond of her childlike charm..

her candid smile makes me disarm.

she says that she loves me too!

what for I have no clue..

we got unexpectedly near,

and now I’m having a losing fear.

I wish our friendship cherish forever,

no Misunderstanding takes you ever..

one day we may move Apart!

but you’ll always dwell in my Heart.



People always experience conflict between their various thoughts on the idea of love. Many of us remain in dilemma for several years before coming to a stable conclusion. It is not only mind that performs, but their is something more that takes part in decision making, and that’s Conscience. Let me reflect on it how:

Is it love or just an infatuation?

Is it real or just my imagination?

Will you be my future or my history?

Will you confide in me or remain a mystery?

Is it right or not in conformity?

Is it material or has its transcendentality?

Will you be dominant or submissive?

Will you be supportive or play the contradictive?

No matter where it leads..

but there is one thing that my conscience pleads;-

”It is hard to find a man who is True,

So, don’t go changing old for the new”.


I have always wondered, why do I always feel different when december is about to end..well my thoughts for the month of december can be penned down as:

There is always something about december,

it gives us a lot to remember..

be it joyous or of somber!

recollecting them in a cozy chamber.

with hybrid thoughts decending the head,

burying the past and moving ahead;

anxious of the forthcoming days,

and hoping for the mirthful rays.

In between comes the Christmas eve,

sacred day and nothing to grieve.

merrymaking and happiness around,

Evil laid deep in the ground.


This is about an adolescent girl who was not much aware of the evils persisting in our society. I would be revealing it in verses..

She stepped into her teenage,

was meek and lacked the rage!!

A girl with a placid mind;

serene look and completeness to find..

She underwent sheer Molestation!!

things beyond her expectation;

she was ripped off her Innocence..

morality questioned her existence:(

None but she heard her screams..

darkness engulfed all her Dreams!!

no one noticed her facial mask;

all were busy in their ”Task”.


It was saturday evening, the sky was flushed with warm pink & orange, tinged with blues and violets..not only men, the birds, animals, the winds , all seemed to be in a haste, craving for freedom from all day exertion.

Amidst thick clouds of these reality, the universe kept on weaving the fibres of fantasy. The same happened to fall on a young lad & a beautiful fille. The two were so captivated in love, even the nature did not dared to refrain them from fulfilling the prophecy of their togetherness.

The sound of laughter & mockery could be heard throughout the corridor, a rich fruity smell of raspberry mixed with a musky scent filled the air of the room, one of the edge of which was occupied by Kabir & Mrunal, sitting adjacent to each other. Teasing and giggling continued up to a point of time when seriousness suddenly reigned the mind of Kabir, and spontaneously he said, ” Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gyi”.

To be continued..